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Reviews for Resurrecting St. John the Rancher

Like Where the Crawdads Sing, Spreier’s Resurrecting St. John the Rancher takes place in our nation’s rural environs and speaks to numerous social issues, engaging the reader through a variety of plot twists, a multi-generational cast of characters, and a mystery that isn’t unraveled until the very end. A compelling, engaging read.

Peter Prichard, author

Have a Positive Impact During Uncertain Times

Amazon No. 1 International Bestseller

Rarely could one find a more intriguing, finely honed cast of colorful characters than in this honest, multi-level, mystery emerging in a small rural town. A couple of decades after their happy high school days, former friends find themselves on opposite sides in Scott Spreier's sprightly novel of love, jealousy, faith and death.

Darwin Payne, author

Quest for Justice

Revel in the tale of an unlikely saint in Resurrecting St. John the Rancher, a story that touches significantly on the cultural, social, moral and religious experiences of 21st Century rural America. Spreier’s characters are quite recognizable, yet their uniqueness unfolds as they address the challenges of living authentically in their own time and space. His subtle theological overtones add to the suspense and open a deeper understanding of why people do what they do.

John B Larrère, author

Executive Prayers and The Retirees’ Prayerbook


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