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St. John the Rancher

Resurrecting St. John the Rancher will continue to haunt you long after you turn the last page. Filled with unforgettable characters on an epic quest of personal redemption, it is a novel that will make your soul smile.


Rick Lash, author
Once Upon a Leader


"Death is never easy on those still living. Anna was such a beautiful person -- and I don't mean just physically, although she was that, too. I felt fortunate to be part of her service, Scooter, but I have to admit -- and I hope you won't take this the wrong way -- when I saw her lying in that casket, I was a bit jealous that I never got to, you know, prepare her beautiful face for eternity." 

Digger, the undertaker


I'm available to speak to your book club or civic group about Resurrecting St. John the Rancher or growing up in rural America. 
If you're interested in an author talk or book signing as a fund-raiser, we can work something out. I'm generally available in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico and Kansas. 


Invite Scott to your next event.

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